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About The CEO

       Rhea A Doswell is a born again spirit filled Christan, who believes that our faith coincides in the work place, to shape us into the most productive human beings that comprehends our strengths, weakness's, talents organization and other skills & abilities. The gift of communication was a gift bestowed from God, yet it took years of over coming horrific adversity and training, to understand the impact this gift would have on others, through public speaking and coaching. Understanding her spiritual offices from the Five Fold Ministry, As a Teacher & Prophet took many years of training and studying the word of God, while learning from everyday lessons and setbacks, that developed a strong prayer life and understanding of who the Holy Spirit was personally. She always knew about events prior to them unfolding, since she was the age of 9, where she would hear Direct Decrees from God and sometimes instructions for others, family members etc, while being visited with dreams and visions of world events, dangers, accidents, relationships, inventions, in which many manifested in her life- time and that of others. Since Rhea was six years old, her hands grabbed a pin to write the inspired prophetic words she would hear. After serving the Lord for 35 years it was in her 33th year, the Lord called her to own and walk in the Office of the Prophet, though she had functioned in the manifestations of the gifts that go along with the office for over 20 years.1 Corinthians 12

 In Her Own Words

      "There is no greater sense of purpose in my life than to know that what I will share with you, will have a domino affect on those whom you cross paths with, in order to help them develop themselves spiritually, personally, professionally,because of my encounter with Jesus Christ and a deep understanding of the power that comes from the word of God." Rhea A. Doswell has been a public speaker and consultant for over 21 years.  She is the very dedicated and proud mother of one daughter, Ariane M. Jackson. Recently she became the wife of Anthony Doswell, who she calls her divine partner and husband whose covering allows her to walk in Gods will for her life spiritually and professionally. Her success is due to her faith in God and making Jesus Christ her Lord and Personal Savior 35 years ago and learning how to love and listen to the still small voice of, The Holy Spirit as well as understanding and dismantling the opposing forces of Satanic oppositions. The Christan faith has taught her life principles which educated her on how to maintain ethical and quality business, spiritual, and mentoring relationships across all walks of life. Rhea walks in the office of a Prophet, who alerts the Body of Christ to End time Warnings, Direct Prophetic words & The Word of Knowledge, Dreams and Visions with Interpretation & Prophetic Writer.  Rhea is the proud founder of a Christan dream interpretation ministry called, " Dreamers In Christ Ages To Come. She teaches and Prophecy's on Social Media, impacting the Body of Christ nationally and internationally.  

     Over the years of encountering inevitable setbacks and painful situations, Rhea has learned how to transform her misery into her mission. She has mentored young adults, juveniles, professionals, clergymen and clergywomen, as well as college students. She received her Associates Degree from Minneapolis Community College in 1992, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services from Metropolitan State University in 1997, and her Masters of Arts Degree in Strategic Communication and Management from Concordia University in 2012. For over 25 years, Rhea has participated in the Ministry of Helps for such prolific ministries as Park Avenue United Methodist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Metropolitan Revival Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, City of Refuge in Gardenia, California, and Speak The Word Church International in Golden Valley, Minnesota, as well as True Vine Baptist Missionary church in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Life Path Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Rhea also trained as a volunteer through the Department of Corrections and served as a Board Member with the Citizens Council on Crime and Justice.